After graduating from Bandung, Buddi ran his own trading company. In 2002 he set up CV Bamesti Prema Jaya, known as, and now he is our boss here. He invest much money to make this company established until now. He also manage another company just get license SIUP named CV Paradise. Holding degree major in Industrial Engineering, still single looking for nice girl, now he is our boss.

Our handsome boss



Lolin is a graduate engineer and worked in software company in Bandung and Jakarta before continuing his life at Bali. He worked with Plita for 2001-2006. He has wide range experience in hardware troubleshooting and maintenance of any platform of computer system, not only Personal Computer but also mid-range server. Another OS like AIX, Solaris, HP-UX is not strange for him. Doing large and long term project give more time to learn more database system like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, ASA Anywhere, MS Access, Cobol, and any other programming language like Oracle Developer, Power Builder, Delphi, Java, PHP, etc. He loves exploring new thing and highly courious in new technology


Pipit spent 3 years as a software engineer in same company with lolin before following Lolin come home because of some important reason. If you interest, please check this out. This only woman in office is very cute, a gamers maniac but the quickest in learning something new. She loves to continuing the other’s work, not explorer style. Everybody like her very much…Her specialist in documentation and she is games maniac.


Tuts have been a freelance for 5 years. Graduated from Yogyakarta when he finished is degree, He is specialist and master in Delphi. Have experience in developing several application from accounting (GL,AR,AP) to warehouse, from hospital / medical to cooperation. We are helped so much by him, like a live dictionary. He likes chatting, chasing a girlfriend. As system analyst, he produce framework for all of Delphi project.

Above are our main team, for large project, we call our freelance team to backup us. We always leverage our knowledge with latest technology ourselves